Mobility Scooters Targeted-Mobility scooter stolen outside Aylesbury train station

Mobility Scooters Targeted

Mobility Scooters Targeted

Mobility Scooters Targeted

This sort of thing is getting more common? I suppose the premise is that vulnerable people wont be targeted. However mobility scooter thefts are on the increase. Many of our disabled people can struggle to get about .So, by using walking sticks.

As a result we all see their scooters outside shops or cafes. We are all the same and if the disabled can struggle to get their daily paper or a cup of tea in their local cafe. Then they will and good on them. Some shops like our local Co-op do allow mobility scooters into the store.

It is a common site in Mirfield, West Yorkshire where I live. In fact we see the same scooter drivers many times and know who they are. We can also see scooters left outside say the chemists and even the doctors do not allow them in. Of course this is where they are vulnerable to thieves.

Even without keys then I am sure that a couple of strong guys can lift some of the scooter onto the back of a van. We also know that there has been a run on thieves stealing mobility scooter batteries. The batteries can be worth money as scrap value. Especially if there is enough of them. I suppose like cars. So, it would be difficult to stop these crimes. Cars with sophisticated alarms and other anti-theft devices are still stolen, so mobility scooters will be easy prey.

It is possible to get insurance now for your scooter.But like anything else then restrictions will apply. Especially if you leave your precious scooter outside a shop. I suppose you will be asking for trouble?

Perhaps the elderly and disabled people will have to be more vigilante. Even asking someone to watch their scooter or even get the local papers delivered. I am not sure what the answer is, just trust the place where you leave your scooter and perhaps look into insurance? Perhaps someone could let me know about a good insurance company?

Eric Roberts

It happened last month.

Source: Mix 96 – News – Mobility scooter stolen outside Aylesbury train station

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Mobility Scooters Targeted
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