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Mobility Scooters Tram ban lifted

Mobility Scooters Tram ban lifted

Mobility Scooters Tram ban lifted

However, to bring this story up to date the first step. So, was to allow there customers with certain sizes of mobility scooters onto the trams . The tram company relented with a permit scheme ! Allowing owners of class 2 mobility scooters on the tram as long as they were singed up to the permit scheme.

Wheelchair users

Of course, this also applies to wheelchair users ! as the online seller of all types of mobility scooter batteries and wheelchair batteries. Hence, this story is of interest to me ! Because, it is vitally important that  the  users of these vehicle should make sure that their batteries are fully charged. Why ! Obviously, it must be very embarrassing to end up with a flat battery when trying to get on or off one of these Edinburgh trams.

Probably not as bad as running out of charge when crossing a main road junction,but still an embarrassing situation to be in. However , back to the permits ! Permits for wheelchair and mobility scooters are available from “Team Accessibility” .

Wheelchair users must follow the following instructions.

  • enter the middle carriage, which has dedicated disabled access – a wheelchair symbol on the tram stop platform indicates where to wait
  • park in the wheelchair space, with the back of the wheelchair facing the wheelchair cushion
  • apply the brake
  • ring the bell when you want to leave the tram, so the driver can give you extra time to do so

So, mobility scooter drivers must follow similar instructions when boarding a tram. In summary, then there are two disabled priority bays per tram and carriage of mobility scooters is at the discretion of Edinburgh Trams staff. For full details of the permit scheme please click this link at Team Accessibility.

In my opinion is is good news that comes from the original story “Mobility Scooters Tram ban lifted”. Thus allowing wheelchair and scooter users (certain size scooter) access to travel on the Edinburgh trams.

Operators of the Edinburgh trams have banned mobility scooters from using the new system.

Source: Edinburgh Trams Ban Mobility Scooters | Mobility Right