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Motor-Cycle Battery Changes

Motor-Cycle Battery Changes

Motor-Cycle Battery Changes

Of course, this is important news if you are the owner of a motor bike, motor scooter or anything similar. because of the new EPP (Explosives, Precursors and Poisons) Regulations that become law on July 1st 2018. So bikers will not be able to purchase dry motor cycle batteries that are accompanied by a battery pack containing lead acid.

So, whats it all about ?

Well the answer has come from the government and their knee jerk reaction to “acid attacks” primarily in our capitol city London. It has been an easy way of transporting motor bike batteries without spilling any of the acid out during transporting them. Consequently bikers will not be able to buy these batteries online without buying a licence. I believe that these licences cost about £36  making the purchase of these batteries and acid packs too expensive.

What will it mean in the future.

In my opinion there is already a solution. Online companies are the best way to buy cheaper battery products. Of course this is in my own interest because I own an online battery business. however the solution is an easy one and all is not lost for the bikers. So, Lucas liquefix and Numax make a great range of AGM sealed batteries for the biker fraternity. Motor-Cycle Battery Changes

Varta batteries also make the LF range of AGM batteries which are completely safe and within the new law to send out to our online customers. In my opinion these batteries are safer because they are sealed and spill proof. So, if God forbid you had an accident then there would be no acid leaking from your battery. Almost forgot ? Odyssey batteries also do a range of AGM sealed motor cycle batteries.

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Source: IMPORTANT, New EPP Regulations | MDS Battery

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