Mobility Scooter Rider Injured-Appeal after woman on a mobility scooter is injured in collision

Mobility Scooter Rider Injured

Mobility Scooter Rider Injured

 Mobility Scooter Rider Injured

A wheelchair and a mobility scooter or mobility chair function in very similar ways. However Mobility scooters have become more popular in recent times. In my opinion these vehicles are becoming more robust. This robustness, could inventively lead to complacency amongst the scooter drivers. Watching them ride about time then they do have a certain amount of confidence.

Mobility scooters are personal transportation vehicles for adults or children. Usually suffering from some disability or old age. Scooters are usually used by the elderly who have difficulty getting from one place to another. Of course, by themselves and without pain or struggle. These devices are also used by the partially disabled. A mobility scooter allows people who were once confined to their homes and relied on others for help when walking far distances to lead a more independent lifestyle.

Mobility scooters, which have an average speed of 4 to 8 mph, can come as electric models that are similar to motorized wheelchairs. Because of better and stronger mobility scooter batteries. Then the users can travel further and longer.The scooters are  powered by electricity coming from 2 x mobility scooter batteries. Naturally these batteries are easily charged at night. In the morning, the driver can then immediately begin using the scooter.

The scooter’s battery charge will last several hours

The scooter’s battery charge will last several hours before the mobility chair needs to be recharged again. These models typically have a 24 volt battery system combining 2 x 12volt batteries to make the 24 volts.

These electric-powered devices are ideal for outdoor use. Many other mobility devices confine its user to the indoors. With these motorized scooters, there is no worry of the scooter getting damaged in normal outdoor conditions. Scooters can be driven on uneven surfaces such as inclines and street curbs. Whether driven inside or in the outdoors, scooters offer more mobility options because they are less bulky than their alternatives. Scooters for mobility can often be easily disassembled for storage.

In my opinion though people who drive these machines are becoming more complacent. people are driving these vehicle that have never driven anything else in their lives. Believe me when I say that this is the cause of so many accidents. Of course which leads me to the poor lady in this article. I am not sure who may be blamed, but more care must be taken by both parties. The regular road users and the mobility scooter users.

Eric Roberts


She suffered serious injuries to her legs

Source: 2BR – News – Appeal after woman on a mobility scooter is injured in collision

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Mobility Scooter Rider Injured
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