Overcharged Wheelchair Battery Suspected- Predawn fire claims life of woman patient

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Overcharged Wheelchair Battery Suspected

Overcharged Wheelchair Battery Suspected

Of course things can go wrong when charging your mobility scooter batteries. As a result, this is perhaps the main weakness of the AGM battery. Because, of the fact that you can not replace the water due to the battery being sealed So, if it becomes overcharged, it loses the electrolyte, which may lead to its failure. Special care has to be taken to ensure that the battery is never overcharged.

The AGM battery has been around a long time now. So, as far a I know AGM batteries were used by the USA military. This was in the 1980’s. So, they have never looked back since. Gaining popularity and used on many types of machines including Golf Carts and Golf Buggies.

Here at www.mobiltybatterystore.co.uk we sell many AGM batteries. In fact most of these batteries are AGM technology. However we do see some problems from time to time. Most problems are from old AGM batteries. Hence, these batteries have buckled casings (out of shape) . This is caused by buckled plates inside the battery. The plates can buckle due to old age and incorrect charging. Which consequently leads to overheating and the possibility of a fire.

Subsequently, I have seen a few buckled batteries but never witnessed one actually setting on fire. Therefore, I can only assume that it is mixture of the wrong circumstances that add up to cause a fire. So ,the last fire that I wrote about was the other week in New York. Perhaps there are more fires on AGM batteries but are well controlled and do not cause any harm. The thing is that millions are sold every year and in our case then faulty batteries are negligible.

Despite the disadvantages presented, the Absorbed Glass Mat battery is still ultimately a better choice, especially for motor vehicles, over the other types. It is just important to be aware of its imperfections so that you can still get the most out of it.

A 46-year-old woman suffering from muscle weakness sickness died in a night fire at her four-story townhome building on Soi Saladaeng 1 off Silom road in

Source: Predawn fire from overcharged wheelchair battery claims life of woman patient – Thai PBS English News