Mobility Scooter Riders-to undergo compulsory training after it was revealed 231 people have been killed

Mobility Scooter Riders Mobility Scooter Riders This story is coming out of Adelaide in Australia. How ever, the idea must […]

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Disability Equality- Will Equality ever happen ? Ready Now!-Blogs-CDC

Disability Equality Disability Equality For one thing, I must admit that this was the first time that I had heard […]

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Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check – All Personal Health and Disability Stories Blog

Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check This is a useful video in my opinion. Since selling mobility scooter […]

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Electric Wheelchair Christmas Gift- Peebles gives Phoebe her perfect present

Electric Wheelchair Christmas Gift Electric Wheelchair Christmas Gift Ever since I have been writing mobility and disability stories. Then it […]

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Mobility Scooter Batteries Technology-How Is Technology Helping Those Suffering With Limited Mobility?

Mobility Scooter Batteries Technology Mobility Scooter Batteries Technology On any shopping trip then we can all see the large number […]

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