Wheelchair Battery Problems-5 Tips to Troubleshooting a Power Problem With Your Electric Wheelchair –

Wheelchair Battery Problems   Wheelchair Battery Problems As a battery guy, then one of the biggest problems that wheelchair users […]

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Workplace Disability Help-Adaptations that build a welcome in the office for all

Workplace Disability Help Workplace Disability Help This article is about the day that the guy in the picture, Pete Denman […]

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Know your rights! And other battery information relating to AGM mobility batteries.

Know your rights! Know your rights! So, at the mobility battery store. We understand the importance of helping people! So […]

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All-Terrain-Beach Wheelchairs-Lives of Wounded Veterans Enriched With Special Wheels

All-Terrain-Beach Wheelchairs All-Terrain-Beach Wheelchairs After seeing this story, then I thought that beach wheelchairs would have been used years ago. […]

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Self-driving electric wheelchairs-Researchers develop technology for self-driving electric wheelchairs

Self-driving electric wheelchairs Self-driving electric wheelchairs Just to put my able bodied readers in the picture. Then I have written […]

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