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Power wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs

The guy in the video. Happily, shows off the new power wheelchair. Importantly, this is the electric wheelchair that he designed. In my opinion, it is great to see disabled people making a great effort to design better equipment. Of course, that will help other disabled drivers in the future.

Happily, Alex Papanikolaou a wheelchair user from the Scottish city of Glasgow. So, was awarded with a £30,000 prize pot for his entrepreneurial skills when developing a better electric wheelchair.

Alex, is a true Glaswegian where he grew up and now works. he is a much traveled guy visiting many countries and their capital cities. Of course Alex has used a power wheelchair since his school days and started the quest for a better electric wheelchair after multiple breakdown problems an his travels. SO, it became his main lifes aim to develop a more reliable and hard wearing wheelchair.

I do know from my readings that battery problems are a real concern for travelers. AGM batteries  are very often broken when thrown about  on some airlines. Lithium -Ion batteries are a lightweight alternative but many are not accepted by airlines and so cannot be taken abroad.

We talk to winner of the Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs about the power wheelchair he’s designed and how it’s different to other power wheelchairs

Source: Power wheelchairs: one entrepreneur is revolutionizing the market