12 AH mobility batteries

12 AH mobility batteries

MORE DETAILED ANSWER: Lead acid batteries are made up of cells. Each cell is approximately 2 volts, so a 12¬volt battery has 6 individual cells. It turns out that a fully charged 2¬volt cell has a voltage of approximately 2.15 volts. Oddly enough, a fully discharged 2¬ volt cell has a voltage of 1.9 volts. That’s only a difference of 0.25 volts on each cell from fully charged to fully dis charged. So a 12¬volt battery will measure at about 12.9 volts when it’s fully charged and about 11.4 volts when it is fully discharged. That’s a total of 1.5 volts that represents the full range of charge on a 12¬volt battery.

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