Pride Mobility LX battery

Pride Mobility LX battery

Pride Mobility LX battery

So, apart from selling quality battery products then we can also offer a next working day delivery to all our internet online customers. Added to that we also delivery to almost every postcode in the UK, and Free of charge.

Of course most disabled drivers know what speed their Pride LX Mobility scooter can do. Generally they are in the class 3 or 8 mph bracket. Of course, this type of machine requires a heavy AGM battery. Most owners also know that they do not need a regular driving licence to drive mobility scooters. However, drivers are required to obey the highway code.

Our owner Eric Roberts also keeps a helpful and up to date Blog. Bringing information and stories that may be interesting to our readers. However, batteries are what drives power wheelchairs and mobility scooters about. Especially, the ones needing to be replaced because of age of the batteries. Supplying, CV Leisure Scooter Batteries, to their owners knowing that they will be getting and excellent product. Of course, such as FirstPower, Lucas and Powersonic batteries.

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