Wheelchair Power Pack Mobility Batteries

Wheelchair Power Pack Mobility Batteries

Wheelchair Power Pack Mobility Batteries

If you have trouble pushing your wheelchair over uneven ground or up slopes. Hence, then a wheelchair power pack might be an effective solution. A button attached to the wheelchair handle can be pushed to turn on the wheelchair power pack. Of course, this will move the wheelchair forward automatically. So, meaning that the carer simply has to guide the wheelchair rather than push it.

We recommend that Power Packs are used to occasionally assist the carer. Consequently, when the going gets a little tough. If you need to use power all the time. So, then we would suggest you purchase a Mobility Scooter or Powerchair.

At Batterymobilitystore, we offer a number of battery brands. Supplying, Wheelchair power pack Batteries, to their owners knowing that they will be getting and excellent product. Of course, such as FirstPower, Lucas and Powersonic batteries.

Fitting of Power Packs is something that we do not get involved with. But usually involves fitting two mounting brackets. Thus, one on either side of the chair. Once the brackets have been mounted. Of course, the motor unit can be attached. The motor unit can also be detached in a matter of minutes and not require any tools.

Wheelchair Power Packs are a product which helps the carer/ attendant to push the wheelchair further & help tackle hills & difficult terrain. Power Packs are controlled by a simple switch on the handle bars, this can be fitted to either side.

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