VAT Free listing

VAT Free listing

VAT Free listing

Products with a VAT free listing. Are specifically for the customers who are elderly and/or suffering from disabilities. From young to old people. Given these points. Then the only thing we ask is for the VAT declaration form to be filled in. Without delay ? after the customer has made their purchase.

These stipulations can be found on the government website. Reliefs from VAT for disabled and older people (VAT Notice 701/7)

In the past. We have been cleared to offer this service. Of course, when we have had a VAT visit from the Inland revenue.

All our battery product sales and disability forms are kept on file in case of any future warranty problems. One of the reasons that we can keep our prices low is that all the records are kept electronically. Hope that this is OK. Our customer’s protection is important to us and always honoured. Thanks Eric Roberts

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