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Scooter battery sales Drop

Scooter battery sales Drop

So, “covid 19“has been a disaster for the whole world. It looks to me as though nobody has escaped the grip of this terrible disease out of China. Although we at Mobility battery Store have suffered through lack of mobility battery sales. Importantly, to us the other battery types have kept our heads above the water. Because we are an online business then we are able to keep open.

However, because of the cold winter that we are experiencing and the vulnerably to wheelchair and mobility scooter owners (due to covid19). Then our battery sales are considerable lower this winter. Consequently, I have noticed that there is a definite amount of scooter users driving about our towns and cities. Of course we do see the occasional ones, but viewings are down.

Even in the winters of passed years then there are brave souls who love to drive about on their mobility scooters. Subsequently, we have one guy who is a regular at our garage to check his tyre pressures. This guy is still out and about but wears a face covering for his own  protection. As an active 72 year old then I know how difficult it must be to stay at home.

Especially when you are used to travelling about visiting relatives or just doing some shopping. All these things are now out of bound. Older disabled people are in the high risk category and must stick to the rules and guide lines issued by the government.

Please keep your batteries charged

Apart from staying safe and warm in your own home then my only other advice would be to keep your batteries in a good state of charge. So, most scooters have an in-built charging system which switches off when the mobility batteries are fully charged. Importantly, if you use an independent battery charger please make sure that the batteries are connected to it. Of course this is just a guidance but is well worth adhering to.

Good luck to all our customers and lets hope we can all get vaccinated and return to some normality.