Self-driving electric wheelchairs-Researchers develop technology for self-driving electric wheelchairs

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Self-driving electric wheelchairs

Self-driving electric wheelchairs

Just to put my able bodied readers in the picture. Then I have written a short piece about how the modern wheelchair has manifested itself over recent years. Hence to become one of the worlds most technical pieces of equipment. Ask professor Hawkins about these developments?

We have all been to hospital. Either as a patent or visitor and seen the multitude of wheelchairs. As a result, either pushed along manually or driven by battery power by the patent. These in fact are the main  two types of wheel chairs. So, the ancient is the  manual wheel chair. Along with the more modern version. Which is power wheel chair.

It always amazes me to see the different variations when I deliver mobility batteries. Hence to any mobility company showroom or website. Which are  totally dedicated for wheel chairs and mobility scooters. Of course the more modern power wheel chair is a more solid and yet lighter form. Probably made from lighter but stronger alloys? Of course, using this type of chair will help disabled patients to get in and out of their wheel chair with relevance ease.

Wheel chairs have become very important at every type of hospitals or convalescent homes. For this reason, many charities and individuals raise funds to buy wheelchairs. Then donated to the place of their choice. This is a great idea because these wheel chairs have become invaluable to the patients who need them.

Self-driving electric wheelchairs take large leaps in technology

Indeed there are now millions of people who spend most of their lives in a wheel chair. As a result, they have become invaluable to sustain a near normal life as possible. This is the reason that there has been major developments in the development of the modern chairs. Many users can now drive about without any aid. Modern AGM batteries have made it possible for many extra electrical gadgets to be added to the wheel chairs design.

These include, equipment to help with speech and hearing. There are also senses to help guide the wheel chairs without bumping into things . The wheel chair is now entering a new phase of development. Including a self driving wheel chair that has been invented in Canada. Please read the attached article for more information.

TORONTO: A team of Canadian researchers and robotics experts say they’ve developed cost-effective technology that would allow electric wheelchairs to drive themselves. Its creators, from Cybe…

Source: Researchers develop technology for self-driving electric wheelchairs Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments