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Self-driving Lidar Wheelchair Self-driving Lidar Wheelchair

Of course, autonomous wheelchairs may sound a bit far fetched. However, the truth is that our vehicles are slowly but surely becoming more autonomous. So, going back a couple of years then you just would not have believed this. Patents and perhaps even doctors driving around our hospitals in driverless wheelchairs.

This is a follow on from driverless cars and trucks. So even driverless trains in some countries? Japan I believe. Many car companies have developed technology that allow a car to park itself . These inventions are now becoming a common site . As a result, my new car can indeed sense other objects, cars and pedestrians. Analysts predict that autonomous or self-driving cars are the next step.

Companies such as Google are pumping millions of dollars into these schemes.So it is looking ominous that we’ll see self-driving cars in showrooms across the country in the near future. However, this new technology brings up a few issues. Including a higher cost to the consumer.Also, the need for more advanced infrastructure. Especially here in the UK. Many of our roads are narrow and old with twisty blind bends. I cannot help thinking that these cars would cause danger.

Self-driving Lidar Wheelchair-who chargers them up?

These wheelchairs would be the same. Consequently, I can see these working in a modern well designed hospital. So it would be possible just to set the computer to take you to the Xray department and off you would go. This is great news if you are like me, getting lost in hospital on many occasions.

Add this to the list of autonomous vehicles – the self-driving wheelchair. It can be summoned with a smart app. The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, or SMART, developed and deployed the first unit at Singapore’s Changi General Hospital … Continue reading ?

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