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Pride Mobility-Jazzy Go 2-Jazzy Select 6-Battery-Lucas-34Ah

Lucas 12v 34Ah 2 x VAT FREE-Rascal Batteries-305-309-310-325-388-XL330-388-Mobility scooter batteries-

Lucas 12v 34Ah 2 x VAT FREE-Rascal Batteries

Rascal 305-309-310-325-388-XL330-388-Mobility scooter battery

  • Range: Lucas VRLA AGM Standby and Cyclic Battery Voltage: 12v Capacity: 34ah Weight : 11.4kg Length: 195mm Width: 129mm Height to lid of battery: 155mm Height to top of terminals: 179mm Battery Type: AGM battery
  • Lucas LSLC34-12, 12v 34Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery
  • Terminals: Screw down terminals
Most of all, mobility scooters have many benefits. Especially, for people of all ages who may have mobility restrictions. of course. and they can vary from small, lightweight scooters that fold away. Hence, to a more powerful scooter that you can take shopping. Or even powered wheelchairs. For those who use mobility scooters, they are often a blessing, allowing them freedom to remain independent and can help prevent them over extending themselves.

Whatever model suits you, we have a broad range of mobility batteries for your scooter!

Most of all, it is an important aspect of having a mobility scooter has a good battery. Mobility batteries are available in lots of different makes, models, and sizes, so it is important to be sure to know which battery you need for your scooter or powered chair.Once you have selected your choice of mobility battery from the Mobility Battery Store, you will receive it the next working day, as we offer free next working day delivery! Furthermore, if you rely on your mobility scooter for daily shopping, it is always prudent to have a spare mobility battery. When your mobility battery is charging, you are still free to use your scooter. Mobility scooters have become a great way of life for a many people these days.Including many of our customers! So, we know that running out of battery life at the wrong time can cause problems. As a result, the use of Mobility batteries is essential for anyone who owns a mobility scooter or powered chair. Finally, having the correct Lucas 12v 34Ah 2 x VAT FREE-Rascal Batteries are vital. In addition, you reclaim the VAT on your mobility batteries? Click here to apply!  


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