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Amigo Mobility RT-2x34Ah batteries-Lucas Quality

12Volt 34Ah x 2 Wheelchair Batteries-VAT Free-

12Volt 34Ah x 2 Wheelchair Batteries-VAT Free

12Volt 34Ah x 2 Wheelchair Batteries-VAT Free

  • Range: Lucas VRLA AGM Standby and Cyclic Battery Voltage : 12v Capacity : 34ah Weight : 11.4 kg Length: 195 mm Width: 129 mm Height to lid of battery: 155 mm Height to top of terminals: 179 mm Battery Type: AGM battery
  • Lucas SLC 34-12, 12v 34Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery
  • Terminals : Screw down terminals

First of all, Mobility Scooters have many benefits.

Especially for people of all ages who may have mobility restrictions. Because they can vary from small, lightweight scooters that fold away, to a more powerful scooter.

Lucas Maintenance-Free Sealed Batteries: UK Part 34Ah & LSLC034-12

Powering Mobility with Excellence: The Pinnacle of AGM and Deep-Cycle Technology

? Product Overview Meet the Lucas UK Part 34Ah and LSLC034-12—your go-to batteries for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. With their 12-volt output and 34 Ah capacity, these batteries are engineered to provide steadfast and reliable performance. The incorporation of Advanced Glass Mat (AGM) technology and deep-cycle capabilities further ensures durability and peak performance.

? Key Features

1. Premium AGM Technology Built with Advanced Glass Mat technology, these batteries offer high-performance and safety standards. You can expect optimal power delivery in a maintenance-free, sealed design that can operate in any position. 2. Deep-Cycle Functionality for Extended Use Designed to last, the deep-cycle capability of these batteries offers reliable, steady power output over long durations, ideal for all your mobility requirements. 3. Zero Maintenance for Worry-Free Operation Say goodbye to the regular upkeep! These batteries are fully sealed and 100% maintenance-free, affording you peace of mind and long-term use. 4. Compact and Efficient: 34 Ah Capacity Despite their compact size, these batteries pack a punch with a 34 Ah rating, offering long operational periods for your mobility devices. 5. Versatile 12-Volt Output The 12-volt configuration ensures wide-ranging compatibility with multiple mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. 6. Lucas Warranty for Peace of Mind Shop confidently with the backing of Lucas’ comprehensive warranty on these batteries.

? Lucas UK Part 34Ah: Compact yet Robust

With a 12-volt, 34 Ah configuration, Lucas UK Part 34Ah offers a compact yet efficient power source for your mobility solutions, all while boasting AGM technology for superior performance.

? Lucas LSLC034-12: Built to Last

Specifically engineered for extended deep-cycle usage, the LSLC034-12 provides reliable, durable power for your mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

Why Choose Lucas?

? Trusted for quality and performance. 12Volt 34Ah x 2 Wheelchair Batteries-VAT Free ? Tailored specifically for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. ? Comes with a reliable warranty for added assurance.
? Note: Always refer to your device’s manufacturer guidelines for battery compatibility before making your purchase.
For a reliable, high-quality, and maintenance-free battery solution for your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, trust in Lucas. To learn more or make a purchase, visit our website or find a local dealer near you. 12Volt 34Ah x 2 Wheelchair Batteries-VAT Free are important for anyone who uses a mobility scooter or powered chair and having the correct Mobility Scooter batteries-Wheelchair-12v sealed lead acid battery Could you reclaim the VAT on your mobility batteries? Click here to apply! You *MUST* compare all dimensions, terminal type and polarity against your current battery once you have been given a suggested battery.


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