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Everest-Jennings-2005-6V 12Ah-VAT FREE Battery

Everest-Jennings-2005-6V 12Ah-VAT FREE Battery-Electric Vehicle Mobility Batteries by Lucas

Everest-Jennings-2005-6V 12Ah-VAT FREE Battery

Everest-Jennings 2005 6V 12Ah Wheelchair Batteries

  • LSLA12-6
  • Range: Lucas VRLA AGM Standby Battery Voltage : 6 v Capacity : 12ah Weight : 4.1kg Dimensions : 151 mm X 50 mm X 98 mm Battery Type: Standby AGM battery
  • Lucas LSLA12-12, 12v 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery
  • Design life : 3 – 5 Year design life when used in standby applications
Therefore, one important aspect of having a mobility scooter is having a good battery. Wheelchair batteries are available in lots of different makes, models, and sizes, so it is important to be sure to know which battery you need for your scooter or powered chair. Certainly! Keeping your vibrant and straightforward style in mind, here’s a product description for the Lucas AGM, VRLA battery:

Lucas AGM, VRLA Battery

? Empower Your Systems: Maximise Your Standby & UPS Experiences! ?

The Essential Details

Operating Standby and UPS systems? Superb! Allow me to introduce Lucas AGM, VRLA, the lifeline your systems deserve. Pin this down—UK part number 12 AH. It’s your entry to seamless operational tranquillity.

Why Lucas AGM, VRLA is The Ultimate Choice

One Year of Unwavering Assurance Embark on a year of steadfast performance. This isn’t a mere warranty; it’s your sanctuary of operational peace. Maintenance? A Thing of the Past! Plug it. Trust it. Leave it. It’s the hands-off companion your systems have been yearning for. Unrivalled Reliability 6 volts, 12 Ah. This isn’t just about specs; it’s your system’s newfound resilience. Everest-Jennings-2005-6V 12Ah-VAT FREE Battery.

Highlight Reel

  • 12 Ah of Steady Prowess Your systems crave this kind of steadfast reliability. Answer the call.
  • Optimised for Standby & UPS Systems Every aspect is finely tuned to elevate your systems’ performance.
  • Your Key Number UK: 12 AH. Everest-Jennings-2005-6V 12Ah-VAT FREE Battery Lock it in. It’s your secret to unswerving operational stability.

The Specs at a Glance

  • Voltage: 6V
  • Amperage: 12 Ah
  • UK Part Number: 12 AH

Eager to Elevate Your Systems?

Hesitation won’t get you far. Click ‘Add to Cart.’ Launch into a year of unwavering, maintenance-free system performance.
Lucas AGM, VRLA is not just any battery—it’s the backbone of your Standby and UPS systems. Ready to experience unparalleled reliability? Your journey to operational excellence starts with a single click!


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