Aldersley Excel Senior-VAT FREE-55Ah Battery-Lucas Mobility Scooter Battery




Aldersley Excel Senior-VAT FREE-55Ah Battery

Aldersley Excel Senior 55Ah 12Volt Battery

Range: Lucas VRLA AGM Standby and Cyclic Battery
Voltage : 12v
Capacity : 55ah
Weight : 17.5kg
Dimensions : 229mm X 138mm X 214mm
Battery Type: AGM battery

Lucas LSLC55-12, 12v 42Ah Sealed Lead Acid / VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID Battery

Dimensions : 229mm Long X 138mm Wide X 214mm High

Battery Type: Standby and Cyclic battery

Accordingly, if you rely on your mobility scooter for many things. Hence, it is always prudent to have a spare mobility battery. For this reason, this means that when your mobility battery is charging. Thus, you are still free to use your scooter. Probably, mobility scooters have become a great way of life for a many people. Especially, these days, and for our customers. Consequently, we know that running out of battery life at the wrong time can cause problems. In addition, mobility batteries are important for anyone who uses a Aldersley Excel Senior-VAT FREE-55Ah Battery mobility scooter or powered chair, and having the correct mobility battery and plenty of charge is vital.

Could you reclaim the VAT on your mobility batteries? Click here to apply!

Please remember to double check the part number of your old battery>Importantly, before you order the new battery.

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