Solar Wheelchairs-Students design electric wheelchair powered by Solar Power

Solar Wheelchairs

Solar Wheelchairs

Solar Wheelchairs

This article comes out of Mexico? Mexico is a country that you would not normally associate with the disabled. Including wheelchairs and mobility scooters. In addition, I am not certain what that may mean. Certainly, in the image there are no solar panels to be seeing. As a result, then I think there could a small solar panel. Similar, to the ones we see on garden solar lights.

Solar charging, does however relate to this type of vehicle. In other words the battery used for wheelchairs and scooters, is the same as used for solar storage. Hence, the AGM battery. For this reason, I think that this system would work ok. But only in a sunny country, such as Mexico, or perhaps Spain. In other words any country that would have enough sun to charge the batteries. Especially when the wheelchair is being driven about during everyday use.

AGM batteries, are used because of their ability to store energy using deeper cycles of charging and discharging. Thus making them perfect for charging using solar power. Therefore, in my opinion I think that it is a story well worth looking out for?

Eric Roberts

Source: Students design electric wheelchair powered by solar

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Solar Wheelchairs
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