Spare Mobility Scooter batteries-Winter Approaches should you keep some spare batteries ?

Spare Mobility Scooter batteries

Spare Mobility Scooter batteries

Spare Mobility Scooter batteries

Of course, last years bad weather and snow storms brought us some scary stories! even about people with disabilities venturing out into the snow on their mobility scooters. Yes, believe it or not there were people actually getting stuck outdoors on the scooters.

So, one blog that I did told about a woman who almost perished outside a hairdressing salon . The hairdressers spotted the woman outside the shop. Subsequently, her battery had gone flat on her and she was stranded in a freezing snow storm.

This was one story that we heard about. With this in mind, then I am sure that many more mobility scooter drivers would have been caught out in a blizzard. It must be the adventure in us ! or more likely madness !

This brings me onto the subject of “keeping spare batteries”.

Like anything else in life then this must be affordable. Therefore people on low incomes just cant afford to do this. However, if you can afford then a couple of spare batteries would be a good idea. Point often overlooked is that all batteries react to temperature rises and drops.

So, we all know that in cold winter weather, you batteries wont take you as far. Regular charging is imperative to electric wheelchair and mobility scooter users. So, in real cold winters your 5 mile journey could be cut down to say 3 miles. Of course, because of the drop in temperature. It never surprises me how there are many people out there who dont know anything about such things.

Finally, if you can afford then buy a spare set of batteries this winter ! you never know .

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.

A heavily pregnant mother in a hilltop cottage and a patient needing dialysis were just some of the people helped.

Source: Round-up of Snowmageddon rescues during the worst of the freezing weather | Evening Times

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