Stolen battery driven wheelchair constrains disabled man to home | Ottawa Citizen

Stolen battery driven wheelchair

Stolen battery driven wheelchair
John sat in front of the cover that protected his wheelchair from bad weather

Stolen battery driven wheelchair

So this story is getting to be a more common phenomenon. Incidentally, I dont report on them all or else it would  drive us all mad with sadness for these people. Infinitely, what type of person would do this sort of thing !

I am not naive enough to know that everything has a value ! But to steel the only means that many people can travel about is just “The pits” in my opinion. Sometimes I wonder if its the mobility batteries that they are after ?

Punishment to fit the crime ?

Whatever it is there should be a punishment to fit the crime ! Probably some sort of registration number would help ! Just look at the picture of Johns face ! How moronic can people get to steel his battery driven electric wheelchair.

Robert is a resident of Canada and I just hope that the right person reads about him and helps him out with another wheelchair .

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.


in the early hours of Thursday, Robert Simser discovered his electric wheelchair, his sole mode of transportation, was missing from his front yard.

Source: Stolen wheelchair constrains disabled man to home | Ottawa Citizen

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