Stolen Mobility Scooter-Pensioner ‘loses independence’ after mobility scooter theft

Stolen Mobility Scooter

Stolen Mobility Scooter
Spot where the stolen mobility scooter was found burned out. Image courtesy of ITV West Country.

Stolen Mobility Scooter

This sort of crime against the old and disabled is definitely getting worse and worse. Sure , I know that this sort of story grabs the headlines. But we need to know that this sort of thing is going on around us.

So, in recent times, I have heard about mobility scooters and electric wheel chairs being stolen. later when they have been recovered then the only thing missing was the mobility scooter batteries.

Thieves know about about the high price that lead acid batteries command. Consequently, they will stop at nothing to get their hands on any vehicle battery that they can. Because AGM deep cycle batteries are used for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. Then they are a target for thieves.

Having a mobility scooter is a great idea, ask Arthur Panes about that? These machines, enable its rider to move outdoors frequently and independently. Enabling the users to visit their friends and go down to the local shops. When you buy a mobility scooter you invest for some longer duration. It will be a great mistake if you do not get the insurance for your mobility scooter. So, to cover your investment in case of an accident or as in this case, theft.

Stolen Mobility Scooter-Insurance should be investigated?


So, this plan would normally cover the vehicle owner from theft or in most cases of accidents. Apparently, there are some specific insurance companies which offer you an insurance plan. Hence, for your scooter or wheelchair.

Believe me I am not trying not to be patronizing? but these incidents are getting more and more common place. Looking at the image of his burned out scooter, then I do wonder if the mobility scooter batteries. Thus, were in fact stolen, before the scooter was subsequently torched.

As a result, I do wish Arthur good luck in the future and hope another scooter can be found for him.

Eric Roberts

A family from Bristol say they are frightened. Of course for their father’s future. After his mobility scooter was stolen and burnt out. 88-year-old Arthur Panes used it every day and says it gave him his independence.He was told he had to keep it outside his sheltered housing. So, last week thieves took it. Subsequently, now he fears even if he does replace the scooter. The same will happen again.

Source: Pensioner ‘loses independence’ after mobility scooter theft | West Country – ITV News

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