Stolen Wheelchairs-Sudbury man wants stolen electric wheelchair back | Sudbury Star

Stolen Wheelchairs

Stolen Wheelchairs

This article about a guy who has had his wheelchair stolen is becoming a larger problem. So, thieves are always looking out for the next scam?

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters have become a prime target. Of course, the scooters and wheelchairs are not registered like other vehicles. Consequently, they have become an easy target for thieves. Only the other in my local town of Mirfield here in Yorkshire England. There was two mobility scooters parked at the side of the local cafe.

I presume that they inside the cafe ? However it would have been so easy to back a van up to them and steel them. Of course, once the serial number plate is removed then they have an easy market place. Disabled people, like the rest of us are always looking for a bargain.

Stolen Wheelchairs-Like myself they would not suspect them as being stolen.

Because of there size then they can easily be lifted by a couple of strong men and hauled into the back of a waiting van. So, I am not sure what the answer is. Car manufacturers going into extremely intricate alarm manufacturing to try protect their products from car thieves. Insurance is probably the best answer, but its probably expensive Hard up pensioners and disabled people are usually on benefits and cant afford insurance.

The only defense without frightening people too much would be not to let your vehicle out of your sight ?

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.

A Donovan-area man is looking for help in finding his electric wheelchair that was stolen Wednesday.

Source: Sudbury man wants stolen electric wheelchair back | Sudbury Star

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Stolen Wheelchairs
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