Thermal Runaway Warning-in high temperatures do not charge mobility scooter batteries

Thermal Runaway WarningThermal Runaway Warning

Thermal Runaway Warning

Of course, this advice is most relevant in hotter countries. However, it can affect your mobility batteries if we have a spell of hot weather here in the UK. Ideally, the best place to store your scooter or any spare batteries would be in a cool garage or perhaps a cool shed. As a result, this article explains what thermal runway is. Including, how the inability to charge will be affected . Hence, by heat or any hot weather.

This year has seen record temperatures all across Europe, Including us here in the UK. In the distance we can foresee many problems with peoples batteries. Whether it be car batteries or mobility scooter batteries. They will have all suffered in this heat. Important to realise that the optimal operating temperature for any lead acid battery is 25 degrees C . So below and above this and the batteries will not function correctly.

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Do not charge your mobility scooter when the weather is hot. If you store your mobility scooter in a tin shed, garage or in the car be extra vigilant.


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Thermal Runaway Warning
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