Powerful Battery Driven Wheelchair-Dyersville boy receives all-terrain electric wheelchair

Powerful Battery Driven Wheelchair

Powerful Battery Driven Wheelchair

Powerful Battery Driven Wheelchair

I have written about these powerful battery driven wheelchairs in the past. Though I must confess that they would be used to help around the farm. Indeed young Alec is helping his dad to round up the cattle.

How good is that?

It is incredible the massive improvement that engineers have made to the progress of the once humble wheelchair. Hence,it is not that long ago that these wheelchairs were pushed about hospital and old folks homes, by hand.

The big eureka moment came when wheelchairs became driven by batteries. Thus they were then known as “electric wheelchairs”.

The powerful AGM deep cycle batteries that are now used have a big part to play in the electric wheelchairs astronomical success at helping unfortunate people to carry out a near normal life. So, as little as twenty years ago then scenes like the one in this image would have been out of the question.

All-terrain wheelchairs are the latest generation of the wheelchairs development.

In my opinion the tracks that drive these vehicles about are an unbelievable development. I cant imagine the foresight that the person must have had to develop this form of tracks that drive these wheelchairs along.

This coupled with strong heavy duty wheelchair batteries. Has consequently give a new meaning of adventure to thousand of brave disabled people. Wanting to do more with their lives. Because of these fantastic machines then wheelchair users are able to travel out into the big outdoors. Some people now go up and down mountains. Previously this would have not being possible.

Just one word of warning! dont forget to make sure that your batteries are fully charged before setting out. I have a few stories coming up about people who were stranded with flat batteries?

Eric Roberts

DYERSVILLE — It’s been more than eight months since 12-year-old Alec Gotto inspired a nation when he led his 1,556-pound steer, JD, short for John Deere, in his electric wheelchair

Source: UPDATE: Dyersville boy receives all-terrain electric wheelchair | Local News | wcfcourier.com

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Powerful Battery Driven Wheelchair
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