Valuable Wheelchair Recovered -Calgary Police recover stolen wheelchair worth $10,000 – Canada Police Report

Valuable Wheelchair Recovered

Valuable Wheelchair Recovered

Valuable Wheelchair Recovered

These modern Battery operated wheelchairs and mobility scooters have become a target for thieves across the world. If you can not use a power scooter operated by mobility scooter batteries. Indeed or a manual wheelchair. Because your physical condition makes it difficult to push yourself in a manual operated wheelchair. Hence you will need an electric power wheelchair. You may also need a power wheelchair if your mobility problem is permanent, or caused by a medical condition which may further reduce movement in the future.

I make no bones about the fact that these wheelchairs are the “bees knees”, when it comes to the things that they can do for the person with severe disabilities. The wheelchairs are fully powered by heavy duty mobility scooter batteries. This means that other electrical equipment can be used to control hand movement by joy sticks. These marvelous machines also have gadgets to control speech hearing and also voice controls.

Of course anything is possible just ask your doctor. If you have no trouble pushing yourself in a manual wheelchair. Then an electric wheelchair may not be the answer. Funding of these machines is a grey area and something that i must investigate. I assume though that wealthy people fund their own machines. So, I am not aware of them being supplied by the NHS here in the UK, but I could be wrong.

The thing is with all the gadgets fitted then these wonderful vehicle must be very valuable.

Of course and a target to thieves. This is what happened to a devastated wheelchair user in Canada. Of course insurance is available, but it is like having something very personnel stolen. These machines are built around disabled peoples needs.

However this story has a happy ending?

Eric Roberts


Calgary, Alberta – The Calgary Police Service has recovered an electric wheelchair that was stolen from an elderly woman late in 2017, after officers spotted it while investigating an unrelated crime. Sometime between Wednesday, Oct. …

Source: Calgary Police recover stolen wheelchair worth $10,000 – Canada Police Report

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Valuable Wheelchair Recovered
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