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Wheelchair Access Hotels

Wheelchair Access Hotels

Happily long distance travel for the disabled and their equipment is getting easier. However, it may still be advisable to start off with only go away for a few days. Venturing too far from home could be distressing. Of course, just treat it as an experiment to see how you get on. Subsequently, then you can travel further and for longer. Venturing abroad even once you’re more confident.

Of course this is why hotels with wheelchair access are springing up all over the world. Including the continental Europe at well known holiday resorts in Spain and Portugal. Where a nice warm climate would be most welcoming. In the meantime, once you are settled in to your hotel. Excitingly, and feeling adventurous! So, you would be wise to ask the advice of the local hotel tour guide.  Which trips are suitable for your condition.

As a result, it is better if you disclose all your mobility issues. Because, it will make for a much more pleasant experience when on you trip out. Hence, you will be sure not to pay for a trip. So, which you can’t get the most out of because of your disability. I recently went to Norway. Of course we always venture out on a trip. This time it was to a Viking Stave church. Unfortunately for some people, the church was up a very steep incline up a rough track.

Wheelchair Access Hotels

Some elderly people on the coach had various disabilities. Therefore they found it difficult to walk very far, even on a good service. Perhaps if the tour operator had been told then they would have advised them about the tricky incline leading up to the church. Therefore at least three people could not walk up to church Consequently, they could only have a view from a distance?

Of course you will need to advise the hotel or restaurant. Even if you are going on one of the now popular cruise  ships. Thus, to be sure they can cater for you if you have special dietary requirements. A phone call is all it usually takes and most of the time you will find people very accommodating to the needs of disabled people.

Another strong tip that I recommend is to make sure that you have adequate insurance cover. Sometimes travelers think they don’t need insurance.Even more so if you’re disabled in any way. As a result, it’s always best to be on the safe side and arrange a suitable policy. Especially for your disabled holiday arrangements. Make sure that the policy covers the country that you are visiting. Double checking which of the countries are covered by the policy. Also including if there are any exclusions if any for disabled holidays.

Wheelchair Access Hotels more access through the travel industry

As I have said earlier the society in general. Including, the travel industry in particular, are much more aware of disabled people’s problems. In fact, disabled people and special needs are generally well catered for. As a result, it is the now law in many countries that disabled people must not be discriminated against in any way. The UK has its own “disability legislation” set out in 1995. Covering millions of disabled people who visit the UK every year.

There are plenty of awesome wheelchair accessible hotels all around the world. Here are the top 20 hotels with disabled facilities in the world.

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