Wheelchair Bound ex-rugby player-who was left paralysed is coming home for Christmas after a year in hospital

Wheelchair Bound ex-rugby player

Wheelchair Bound ex-rugby player

Wheelchair Bound ex-rugby player

Of course this is one of those very sad stories. Unfortunately, that we dont want to see at Christmas time. Expressly, it does not matter if you are a professional cyclist. Or just a rider for fun. So, it is always important to observe your safety before doing this activity. In fact we have a large wooded area about a mile from where I live.

Consequently there are many mountain bikers. Of course, riding the steep inclines that are in the wooded areas and also descending them. Significantly, these biker guys always appear to wear the correct protection. It is always true that prevention is better than cure. Consequently, they all wear safety equipment. In this case, safety helmets ! Which are definitely better to wear  than having to be cured in a hospital.

This is why, in some places, wearing helmets when riding bikes is a mandatory law. There have been alarming high rates of injuries and accidents caused by mountain bike riding. Especially from those who don’t wear protective gears.

There are no direct correlation between decreased occurrence of accidents.Of course, due to mountain bike riding and increased usage of protective gears like helmets. But there is still an advantage of using one. Helmets generally protect the brain and skull of the head. Which may help lessening the severity of the injury.

Unfortunately not for former Harlequins player Paul Curtis.

According to research, most of the frequently affected or involved in bike-related accidents are young males. Who only ride mountain bikes for exercise and leisure. Including the ones near my Home in Yorkshire UK.

Wheelchair Bound ex-rugby player-of course serious injuries can come from biking accidents?

Some injuries acquired from riding become serious which eventually need to have surgical operations. These surgical operations may need to fix bone fractures. Indeed, or treat tissues which have been damaged because of the impact from the accidents.

Some bike riders who have severe injuries require being in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facility. This was the case with Paul Curtis.

Head injuries  are the most common injury caused by mountain riding.  Other common injuries include spinal injuries, inclusion, lumbar or thoracic injuries, and cervical injuries. Head injuries are also liable for most deaths caused by mountain bike riding.

Helmets  help greatly in reducing the seriousness of the injury. It is a sure thing that injuries and accidents due to mountain bike riding still increasingly happen. Hence, with or without wearing protective gears like helmets and pads. Mountain bike riding is the most risky form of bike riding.

He’ll have Christmas dinner with his family

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.

Source: An ex-rugby player who was left paralysed is coming home for Christmas after a year in hospital – Wales Online

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Wheelchair Bound ex-rugby player
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