Wheelchair Boy Goes Off-road-Modified wheels provides Oke’s freedom –

Wheelchair Boy Goes Off-road

Wheelchair Boy Goes Off-road

This is one of those great feeling articles, from a South Australian farmers son called Oke. So, this little guy has a wheelchair of his own. But. Okis dream was to ride a bike. Unfortunately, he suffers from¬†“Spina bifida” and so finds it very hard to walk. Never mind riding a bike.

So, the story is a great one to read. All of Nokis family were keen bike riders and wanted him to lead a normal life. However has I have said this was going to be very difficult because of his condition.

Mobility Aid Trust came to the rescue

The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund (TBLTF). Established in 2004 in honour of the early work of Bowen therapy practitioner Tom Bowen . Of course, in treating children with disabilities. Traditionally, uses donations from Bowen practitioners and the general public. Providing electronic communication and mobility aids to children in need.

Donna said the initial approach from South Australian based-TBLTF was to supply Oke with an electric wheelchair. Employee and former Narrogin resident Tanya Pfitzner. Asked her brother Daryl Kilpatrick, who still lives in the town. If he knew of anyone in his region that might be a worthy recipient and Oke immediately came to mind.

“He already had a perfectly good manual wheelchair and we wanted him to stay with that so he would remain physically active through wheeling (propelling) himself,” Donna said. Oke. can be seen on his partly donated “Perkins machinery” Quad. Specially designed for his disabilities. Of course, this is a happy story for a change and well worth reading about.

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Source: Modified wheels provides Oke’s freedom – Agriculture – General – News – Farm Weekly

Wheelchair Boy Goes Off-road
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