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Wheelchair Dangers


Wheelchair Dangers

As the online seller of mobility batteries. Then I am not really happy. Hence, about writing about wheelchair deaths. As a result of some accident due to a wheelchair collision . However, we must be realistic about things and accidents do happen. As it happens, I will be going to Grimsby for a weekend break. Unfortunately, this is where the collision took place. Specifically, the wheelchair was hit by a taxi. Resulting in the death of the guy in his wheelchair. The original news article is in the link below.

Although this story is very sad, it does not surprise me to read about such things. As a result, many of these drivers of battery driven mobility scooters are what I would call “elderly” I am convinced that these scooters are the first vehicle that some of them have ever driven. One lady in particular drives her scooter through our local coop store to do her shopping? this is all well and good but she frightens all the other shoppers to death.

In my opinion their should be some sort of compulsory training before the scooter drivers are let out onto the roads and streets.

Horror stories are now becoming a regular thing. Unfortunately, mobility scooter drivers are now getting killed. A story that I have just uncovered tells about a driver who ventured down the slip road of a motorway and then started to drive down the motorway.

This was in Scotland, but I have seen similar stories from other parts of the country. of course, I do not begrudge people from buying and using these machines. So, it has change the lives of millions of people. Giving freedom and mobility to people who would be otherwise be housebound.

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Source: Man in wheelchair hit by taxi outside Grimsby pub