Wheelchair Rescue-Fell rescue volunteers rush to help woman in motorised wheelchair near Bolton Abbey

Wheelchair Rescue

Wheelchair Rescue

Wheelchair Rescue

For those who live in other parts of the country. Bolton Abbey is a major beauty spot in the Yorkshire Dales national park. The Abbey ruins are located at the side of the river Aire. For this reason the whole area is a mecca for hikers and people just enjoying a day in the country side.

Of course the area is also a place for people who can use their wheelchairs and battery driven mobility scooters. So, the whole surrounding areas are well set up for wheelchair users . In fact the pre-booked electric mobility scooters are available to hire between April and October from the Village or Cavendish Gift Shops.

In general the whole Bolton Abbey Estate welcomes wheelchair users. Including mobility scooter users. You may think this is an advert for people to visit this special place? well I suppose it is. I just thought it worth letting the world know that the area is accessible to wheelchair users and is well worth a visit.

Large areas of woodlands are accessible for wheelchair use.

Especially the all-terrain wheelchairs that are becoming very popular. According to the Wharfedale Observer, not everything goes to plan ? Probably not for the first time , a lady electric wheelchair user got into difficulties when venturing too near the river bank. Tyres on some of these wheelchair are not made for wondering off the normal walkways and roads.

Wheelchair Rescue
Enjoying a ride out in Bolton Abbey on a sunny day.

As a result, it is easy to get stuck in certain situations. Some mobility scooters can get stuck on normal grass fields. Especially in wet weather. So, care is needed and sticking to good made up paths is probably a good solution. Consequently, this lady was rescued and suffered no ill health from her experience.

Just a footnote ? always make sure that your mobility batteries are fully charged before venturing out on rough and hilly terrains.

Eric Roberts

FELL rescue volunteers were called out on Saturday to the Bolton Abbey estate to help a visitor in a motorised wheelchair.

Source: Fell rescue volunteers rush to help woman in motorised wheelchair near Bolton Abbey | Wharfedale Observer

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Wheelchair Rescue
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