Wheelchair Rubbish Picker-Man in electric wheelchair goes out picking up rubbish left by others –

Wheelchair Rubbish Picker


Wheelchair Rubbish Picker

Wheelchair Rubbish Picker

But do you know who he is?

The guy in the image looks like he may have a West Indian background? I must admit that it is not very often that we get any good stories out of my own “neck of the woods”. Thats the Huddersfield area of West Yorkshire. Just next door to my home town of  Mirfield.

The guy wants to watch where his electric wheelchair has to go. The terrain where he is picking the litter from looks very steep to me. Just the recipe for a flat battery.

Remember  a battery uses power going down hill. because it has to hold back the electric wheelchair. So that it does nor run down the hill.

People with wheelchairs and mobility scooters dont prepare for this. The batteries are fighting back “gravity” when going down an hill. Therefore using up the batteries power?

Do you know who this Wheelchair Rubbish Picker is ?

Suddenly, you will be getting a flashing warning sign. Of course, from your “low power light“. Most common though is that your scooter starts struggling to get you home. At first this can be intermittent. Because it all depends on the pressure you put on the batteries. For example if you use it on the flat or on hills. of course the same as this guy is doing when picking up the rubbish.

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Source: Man in electric wheelchair goes out picking up rubbish left by others – Huddersfield Examiner

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