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Wheelchair Travel Advice

Wheelchair Travel Advice

This is something that able body people take for granted. Of course, travelling? This article gives the wheelchair user some good advice about travelling. Accordingly, I would like to ad my two penneth of advice. Hence dont forget to check out you mobility scooter and wheelchair batteries. Hence, if you are not sure of the batteries age, then change the batteries for new ones. Of course, the UK is a very competitive country.Including, batteries? If you travel abroad and your battery fails then you could be paying twice the price for the same product.

Before you travel, you should research the accessibility of your transport and accommodation options. Also any itinerary for the activities you are planning. Ask questions about access to buildings? Of course, the number of steps, how wide are the doorways and lifts. Naturally, is there easy access from the car park. So, as for your accommodation. Off course ask whether there are disabled toilets and showers.

Importantly, ask if there is enough space in your room for a wheelchair.

Some hotel rooms can be very poky. Especially if you are travelling on a tight budget.

When contacting the places, you need to be specific about your own limitations. Inform them of any special needs that you may be requiring. So that different options can be put in place to cater for you on your arrival. The best place to get information is from other travelers who have done it before. Otherwise you could try local tourist information centres.

When you are travelling with a disability or travelling with someone with a disability. of course, the most important thing for a smooth vacation is always correct  planning. Don’t get paranoiac,  by  planning your holiday down to the last minute details. Importantly though all your accommodation and transport should be booked before you leave home.

Lastly, make sure you pack all essential and necessary medications.Bring with you any necessary prescriptions. Also make sure you pack extras of any medical or personal equipment that you might require.

I know for a fact that mobility batteries are twice the price as the UK in many European countries. So it is worth thinking about.

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