Wheelchairs on Buses-Forfar woman thanks bus company for giving her back her independence

Wheelchairs on Buses

Wheelchairs on Buses

So, the lady in the picture is Judith Langlands Scott. Like many other people then Judith suffers from a strange medical condition. Thus, she has to have use of a wheelchair. Because her joints have a tendency to dislocate all the time. The illness is known as “degenerative hyper mobile joint syndrome“.

At first Judith was using a manually operated wheelchair. because of her fingers and shoulders kept on dislocating, then she was unable to propel herself along ?
Judith is the mother of three children and needs to be mobile.

The answer to her problems would be a battery driven electric wheelchair. Walking can be achieved ,but with great difficulty. Judith’s prayers were answered when she was presented with a new electric wheelchair last November. Of course, at first she found it difficult to control. However the Forfar woman has been receiving help from “The Wheelchair Outreach Project at Ninewells Hospital

Wheelchair driving lessons were soon to follow. After a visit by the XploreDundee double decker bus arrived to give Judith some wheelchair handling training. Of course, this included getting on and off buses. So, this would help her travel about and become even more mobile.

She said: “I’ve been incredibly lucky to be cared for by The Wheelchair Outreach Project at Ninewells Hospital and am now in possession of a brand new electric wheelchair. This is a great story with a happy ending.

Eric Roberts


An Angus woman has expressed her thanks to a Dundee bus company for helping her regain independence.

Source: Forfar woman thanks bus company for giving her back her independence – The Courier

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Wheelchairs on Buses
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