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Of course, wheelchairs play a huge part in aiding disabled and ill patents to be more mobile. Significant innovations in recent times have brought many improvements to how these machines can now operate. So, a perfect example of this was the late scientist Dr Steven Hawkins. Consequently, the wheelchair that he used was adapted with multiple aids for the great man to communicate his different theories. Of course about space and astrological science.

Because these machines are powered by electricity then the main source of power is of course the battery. Significantly, the AGM battery is the main battery used to power the wheelchairs.

AGM Batteries main batteries used

Of course, the main power that operates the electric wheelchairs comes from AGM batteries. As I have stated in many of my blog posts. As a matter of fact the AGM battery is the perfect partner for both mobility scooters and of course electric wheelchairs. When charged regularly these batteries will last a few years. Offering the user a complete maintenance free battery for their vehicle.

Originally the batteries were developed for the American military. Of course, who wanted a battery that was safe and sealed. Including a battery that could be fitted into a small area in any position and would not leak. These batteries were to become perfect for use on electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Of course Lithium-ion. Importantly, these batteries are very affordable unlike the new kid on the block the Lithium-ion battery. Which are at the moment very expensive. Sooner or later though the Li-On battery will have some effect on the mobility vehicle market.