Workplace Disability Help-Adaptations that build a welcome in the office for all

Workplace Disability Help

Workplace Disability HelpWorkplace Disability Help

This article is about the day that the guy in the picture, Pete Denman turned up in the office on the first day. Hence, to find out this his electric wheelchair actually fitted under his desk ? perfectly ?

So, Pete turned up for work at the giant “Intel” computer chip company only to discover that the company had done some work on his disability requirements. This is lesson that all businesses to learn from. Unfortunately, I dont think this is the case. Although things are defiantly getting better for disabled people in the workplace.

Of course, since selling mobility batteries and writing disability blogs, I have become interested in the subject and am learning the ups and downs about being disabled almost every day.

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.


Pete Denman started his first morning working for Intel, the US computer chip-maker,

Ensuring that buildings can be used by disabled recruits needs thought but not always expense

Source: Adaptations that build a welcome in the office for all

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Workplace Disability Help
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