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Your Health


Your Health

So, another good post about the many consequences regarding the covid 19 pandemic that struck the World. Unfortunately, this deadly covid virus has taken many lives. of course we all now know that the disease strikes at groups of more vulnerable people> Including the elderly (people over 70 years of age) which includes myself. 

In my opinion it was bad enough getting old in the first place! Fortunately, I have been blessed with a fairly good run of health. So, my only serious problem was a “mini stroke” six or seven years ago. I recovered very quickly after a few days of testing in Halifax general hospital. Apart from a daily cocktail of pills then I have been in relatively good health since. 

Usual aches and pains

As most people at my age then I am carefully looked after by the “National Health System”. My doctors give me regular blood test and  are very good at caring for me. Like most then I do try to keep active. Including my brain. Computers are a great help for me and I actually run my companies web sites. Including here at batteriesontheweb and our sister company

Importantly, I still play a big part in the running of the whole business. This when the covid virus came in like a hammer. So at first, I dont think we took the disease seriously! Of course we were initially told that the virus was just like a cold or the flu. However we soon realised things would be very different. Like other people in my age bracket we were told that we were the most vulnerable group.

responsibly, I decides t stay clear of other people and stick to the Governments advise about “social distancing ” and generally mixing with other people outside my family circle. So, this included going to the local shops. My garage Pellon Tyre and Autocentre became a victim of a government ruling about MOT testing. Ultimately, this was the bad news that caused me the most stress . Thus affecting me in ways that are of course hidden away. Stress and other issues can be a killer and this pandemic will show how this will affect people as time goes by.

Of course there are millions of people of my age group that are very ill due to various disabilities and other conditions and I wish them the best of luck! So as they say “Stay safe”.

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